Coins for other applications

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Coins, thalers, tokens

Unique coins for every occasion

Together with you we develop coins, thalers and tokens for countless occasions, such as:

We would be happy to send you a personalized and non-binding offer.

Sonstige Münzen und Taler für Events und Veranstaltungen

Other coins

Individual production possibilities

Individual coin minting

No matter if you want to have your logo or a text on your coins, we will help you to realize your ideas.

Coins directly from the manufacturer

We can produce high-quality coins for you in various materials, material thicknesses and surfaces. We take great care to ensure that our products meet the highest standards and are of first-class quality in every respect.

Your personal contact

We will be happy to send you an individual and non-binding offer.


Stefan Breuer

+49 2373 9371-32

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    Kissing GmbH

    Als Produzent und Entwickler von Münzen, Talern, Wertmarken, Token, Jetons und Kennzeichnungsschilder bieten wir bei Kissing in Menden eine breite Palette an Produkten.


    Kissing GmbH

    For more than 150 years designer and producer of high-quality religious devotional products, symbols of faith and hostbaking equipmen


    Kissing GmbH

    Depuis plus de 150 ans nous développons et produisons les articles religieux, symboles de croyance et machines á hosties


    Kissing GmbH

    Desde hace más de 150 años desarrollamos y producimos artículos de devoción de primera calidad en diversos materiales.