A company with tradition

Company History

The company KISSING was founded in 1850 under the name HEINRICH KISSING.

Heinrich Kissing gained international recognition at a young age for his unique engraving skills, for which he was awarded in 1880 in the state capital Düsseldorf. The young and creative engraver was the originator of a new method for replicating cast Christ figures. He and his son Franz specialized in the production of figures and religious symbols, also known as “devotionalia” at that time.

The entire product line was presented for the first time at the Paris World Exposition in 1878, laying the foundation for a prosperous development.

Franz Kissing built an impressive company building in 1900, where around two hundred employees were involved in the production of religious devotional objects and hosts.

For more than 160 years, traditional religious devotional objects such as crosses, medals, sister brooches, and rosary elements have been produced in unchanged form and the highest quality.

The company has also been producing stamped vending machine tokens, coins, wash tokens, company logos, and product labels since around 1930. In 1994, the company was handed over to the youngest daughter of Adalbert Kissing, Uta Kissing.

Kissing GmbH

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Medals, orders, trophies and pins

Are you looking for suitable medals for your sports event or beautiful orders for the upcoming session?

Religious Devotional Items

For over 150 years we have been developing and producing high-quality devotional items and religious symbols from various materials.

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